The CHANjuring aka The Haunting Eyes

Warning: Please think carefully before reading this. We will not take any responsibility for you guys being haunted for life. Sincerely, Zombie Crew.

PS: We do not all anything but the gathering of the photos. Credit as tagged

131025_(7) QQErObM131025_1131018_8 131018_11 131024_08%ED%8C%90%EA%B5%90%EB%B2%BD%ED%99%946 13102401 fYtN2am a18b21fdjw1e9bwi32yn1j20rs15owso 1 (27) 5QIlNqz 130901_1 9 (6) a6c3109ejw1e87j3v5b6sj21400p0djn ac7e367djw1e740g3kzg6j21kw11yqbp ac7e367djw1e740g51y5jj20xc0m8n1m a2b320a7gw1e74uf23i3wj215o0rswkq b0186855_51d360993f7c2 b0186855_51d36e23bf53a 001 (20) b8163cffgw1e9u4fvm1kej215o0rs79k BXCPUTcIUAAYCdt cf7a5410gw1e9pc7x2brqj215o0rsdiq %EC%A7%80%EB%A7%88%EC%BC%935 131006_23 001 (7) 002 (3) 003 (2) %EC%9D%B4%EC%81%98%EB%82%98%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0 998344_493298344091220_561665306_n 943449_461160360638352_484142692_n 1017244_314099828724023_446398042_n 7801_525358817512100_1901426572_n 995017_475946325826422_420862060_n 296133_474204832667238_1909066027_n 248163_470146376406417_1932130401_n 942375_470146056406449_647933214_n 11 (2)895cc6c6jw1e5tk6zz4r8g208w050h3itumblr_mq4d6qVFyP1qbadofo1_500tumblr_mq3y6rDK9P1rxv75ko1_500

uhm %A4%BB%A4%BB…. seems like i failed OTL. i’ll try to make it creepier next time T^T


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