Law of The Jungle with Chan

As you all know our giant has gone to the island to film Law Of The Jungle today. This is the first time going to a program alone (ok he’s not alone, he’s with his “girlfriend”) so he seems so nervous


But as the famous Happy Virus, he soon returns to the smiling derpyeol

20131029162410249 thumb_kpmm0201310291602242175 01 (3) tumblr_mvfb206ilx1qhmxnlo1_1280397495_547800895307631_1721659198_n 131029_31 1380100_547792838641770_866469405_nI feel so much sympathy with Byungman ajussi T^T

He even plays the mature game: Hide-and-seek


and bids goodbye with his beloved wife *cough* Baek *cough*


So it seems like he has no problem fitting in, so i hope that he won’t just play guitar for the monkeys but remember to take care of his health. Come back safe and sound neh?

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PS: I don’t know about Baek but i miss him already T^T. And it’s not even a day yet, how can i make it through 5 more days T^T


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