ChanYeol ShangHai style

 7940e8d7gw1eam2892vdxj20rs15ok1p 13111401 aefb8f8ftw1ealsaoijbfj20rs15odk7e0107417_5285e9e692529 b8163cffgw1ealt3ov403j215o0rs7aea 131114cy01 131114-chanyeoltumblr_mwdfy5yA061qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mwdfy5yA061qhmxnlo2_1280 004 005 006 007 009 023 024 025 HD0A3577

This one is ChanKai ShangHai style ft. Suho grandpa style =]]

131114_21_1 131114_21_2

This one is ChanYeol ShangHai oppa feeling the beat =]]

And here’s the close-up video of the one getting into SM through dancing =]]

PS: We do not all anything but the gathering of the photos. Credit as tagged


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