Kyungsoo – The man of strength

The MAMA this year is definitely one of the most memorable for EXO as well as us, the EXO stans. As much as i’m touched and thrilled with EXO winning the ALBUM OF THE YEAR award, there’s this unfortunate incident that made the joy less full. You probably all know what it is, it’s KyungSoo spraining his ankle. However, he still endured the pain and finished the performance perfectly. If i were him, i would never have pulled that off. That’s why to me, he’s such a strong giant, both physically and mentally.Here you can see how much pain he was in and yet his eyes still shined with determination.

A close up

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But what touches me the most was the love, care and respect the masternims as well as EXO stans gave. After the incident, the fansite noonas stopped updating previews and just posted how the situation was. When EXO came back from HK, the fans also tried to give KyungSoo more space.

Also, KyungSoo himself, though in crutches, always smiled and said “I’m OK” to the fans. It shows how much he appreciates our love, which makes me fall for him more.

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“When you smile, the sun shines”.


He’s just so cute that i cant express enough with my vocabulary XD. See how he didn’t forget to greet the fans even in that state XD so polite XD.

So KyungSoo ah, the cute-squishy-polite-kind-warmhearted but fierce and strong-willed KyungSoo ah, nothing hurts us more than seeing you (as well as the rest of EXO) in pain so though i understand that you want to deliver the best performances, your health and well-being are far more important. Please Please take care of yourself. I hope that our wishes and prayers work and you’ll get well in no time 😀 #GetWellSoonKyungsoo

PS: This is so unrelated but i couldn’t help my feelings. Don’t watch this if you wanna sleep. Don’t say that i didn’t warn you. (Sr i couldn’t find the engsub one)


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