Happy Flaming 22nd birthday to our Chanyeolie

Dear ChanYeol,

You may not know me but knowing you are one of the biggest turning point of my life. There’s so much i want to say to you, which may never be able to be heard by you, but still i think i should let them out.

ChanYeol oppa ah~

Thank you for warming up my world with your radiant, flame-like smile


Thank you for your existence because now i know angels do exist

BaAcuxLCcAEWsPA.jpg large

Thank you for always smiling like a fool no matter what happens


Thank you for spreading the happiness


And now is my wish for your birthday

May your smile never fade


May your eyes always be glittering with joy and happiness


May your ears always be filled with laughter and good news


May all the best things come to you-the cutie pie of my life


May God bless you, the one who holds back his tears and smiles to comfort his crying members (though his eyes are all red)


the one who sometimes hurts himself to make others laugh


the one who is a ferret lover and noona pabo


May you not only be teeth rich but also fortune rich, happiness rich, love rich and smile rich


Lastly i wish that you will always be… YOU because you’re perfect just the way you are. Your derpness, your twitching eyes, your ‘always-itchy-nose’, your deep voice, your lovely ears… they are what make you… you-the one and only ChanYeol that we love.

~생일 축하합니다 내 사랑하는 박찬열~

PS: I read this Vietnamese post and i’m just so touched that i’m gonna translate it.

Cre: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=421124848015582&set=a.181097885351614.35997.180273422100727&amp

Happy B-day Park Chan Yeol
“EXO’s voice” is now finally one year older
We wish you a beautiful happy new age, lots of happiness, always be healthy and smile as much as you do now
Park Chan Yeol is always a guy that makes people like him at first sight.
Park Chan Yeol has never let his smile fade away
Park Chan Yeol has never shed tears upon facing difficulties and he never lets others see anything but happiness and radiant smiles
on his face
Park Chan Yeol has never surrendered before anything
Park Cahn Yeol has never stopped being gorgeous in front of girls
Park Chan Yeol is a rapper that gives his all for his passion
Park Chan Yeol is a multi-talented and strong boy when playing drums but also very deep with his guitar
Park Chan Yeol is also just another normal guy, who has sacrificed so much to make his passion and dreams forever burning
Park Chan Yeol is also exhausted sometimes and let others see his big and wide but lonely back
Park Chan Yeol can stop his tears from falling but never can stop his eyes from watering up and getting all read when he tries to hold back his feelings
Park Chan Yeol uses his smiles to hide his pain inside
Park Chan Yeol thinks of others before himself
Park Chan Yeol is a great guy but with many responsibilities and burderns
Park Chan Yeol can be any of the guys listed above but eventually, Park Chan Yeol will always be the most precious treasure in millions, millions hearts of fans who love him more than anything
Park Chan Yeol laughs, we laugh
Park Chan Yeol cries, we cry
Park Chan Yeol has entered our lives and will always be a part of ours
Our Park Chan Yeol is becoming a real man
Hope that there will never be anything bad falling upon you, so that our smiles won’t be blurred by tears
There will be more happiness, but they will be more real. The smiles will blossom from within our soul, they will not be just some doodles on your face to cover up our feelings
Being happy and joyful suits you the best, Chan Yeol ah~
Our Park Chan Yeol is growing
Date:131127 – When Park Chan Yeol is still 21
And heres the letter from a Myanmar fan. I guess fangirls’ minds are all the same everywhere


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