Murders In December

This December sure is murderous…

Thousands (i guess) of lives have been lost…

Thousands litters of blood have been drained…

Millions of whatever your currency is have gone…

Murder case #1: Nature Republic’s advertisement photos (it was originally in November but since the HQ photos only came out recently so let’s consider that it happened in December)

tumblr_mx4n2lfbKq1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx4n3g77eJ1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx4n45hELu1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx4n4wrE9b1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx4n60FK0Q1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx4n6tnPLN1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx4n7liAMA1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx4n8fFEzB1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx4n91sM9T1qhmxnlo1_1280tumblr_mx38zw7T0o1qhmxnlo1_1280tumblr_mx3e44Wrxs1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx6sfa9mpM1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx6sgmLRjJ1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx6shhThEs1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx6sid6tDm1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx6sj8Uzwd1qhmxnlo1_1280 6964db43gw1eb5qqk23ebj20rs15o11a tumblr_mx3kt2JidO1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx3k99BOPX1qhmxnlo1_r1_1280tumblr_mx3kbvdPqz1qhmxnlo1_r1_1280tumblr_mx3kd47sq81qhmxnlo1_r1_1280tumblr_mx3kchrBlo1qhmxnlo1_r1_1280tumblr_mx3k7512bf1qhmxnlo1_r1_1280tumblr_mx3kdwdVap1qhmxnlo1_r1_1280tumblr_mx3kf7IPxX1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx3keed9L71qhmxnlo1_r1_1280 tumblr_mx3kfmGeug1qhmxnlo1_r1_1280      tumblr_mx38bkE3di1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx38ciHaG01qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx38enhunz1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx38e5A8LW1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx38paDy5r1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx38fpoMlA1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx38s79AGM1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx38rhHRbR1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx38thmfCb1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx38t0JGoP1qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx38b8OWW91qhmxnlo1_1280 tumblr_mx38921FgC1qhmxnlo1_1280

I was like “Are they going to blind us? Is the sun shining or is it EXO? Are they trying to kill us? Then who will buy the products? Their business is so gonna blossom wildly this year. I want those so bad. How come the NR’s branch in VN doesnt have this? Aren’t they the same brand? Isn’t this unfair?….” and so on. Basically, i wasnt in my right state of mind.

Murder case #2: Nature Republic fansign

02 (6) 01 (7) 07 IMG_0211-_%EB%B3%B5%EC%82%AC BaZnSd4CQAAQSfp.jpg large BaZq75CCQAAEF-S.jpg large BaabuV0CcAAwa0B.jpg large BaadEoNCIAELlQ9.jpg large 11 (10) 31 (6) 41 (3) 131201_1 (2) 131201_9 131201_16 131201_15 11166402383_a3818cf44c_o 11166401713_f381dfe99b_o 11166276254_1565d7d4c7_o 11166274854_9ab9008235_o 11166219025_88400ecc59_o 11166241206_f008d5f6ae_o 11166217305_c869d92892_o 11166216575_ee3b099697_o 11166215715_f3cf318387_o 11166215085_3f71ebc241_o YPe0OZG %EC%84%B8%ED%9B%84%EB%8B%88_%EC%8B%B8%EC%9D%B8_%ED%83%90%EC%83%89%EC%A4%91%EC%9D%B4%ED%96%90~~ %ED%95%AB%ED%8C%A9%EA%BC%AC%EC%98%A5%EC%86%90%EC%97%90%EC%A5%90%EA%B3%A0%EB%B1%8C%EB%B1%8C%EB%B1%8C%EB%B1%8C %ED%95%98%ED%8A%B8%ED%95%98%ED%8A%B8%ED%95%98%ED%8A%B8%EB%82%98%EB%8F%84%ED%95%98%ED%8A%B8%ED%95%B4%EC%B0%AC%EC%97%AC%EB %EB%A7%89%EB%82%B4%ED%95%9C%ED%85%8C%EB%A8%B8%EB%A6%AC%EC%9D%B4%EC%BC%80%EC%9D%B4%EC%BC%80%EB%8C%94%EB%8B%A4%EA%B3%A0%EB%A7%90%ED%95%98%EB%8A%94%ED%98%95%EC%95%84%EC%B0%AC%EC%97%B4 %EC%95%9E%EB%A8%B8%EB%A6%AC%EA%B0%80%EC%8B%A0%EA%B2%BD%EC%93%B0%EC%97%AC_%E3%85%87%E3%85%85%E3%85%87 %EB%80%A8%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%EB %EC%9D%B4%ED%91%9C%EC%A0%95%EB%8F%84%EB%84%88%EB%AC%B4%EC%A0%B8%EC%95%84%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0%E3%85%A0 %ED%91%9C%EC%A0%95%EA%B8%B0%EC%97%BD%EC%9F%88%EB%83%90%E3%85%87%E3%85%85%E3%85%87 _MG_0790-3_copy BafFMlBCIAAdFw2.jpg large 03 (4) %EC%9E%85%EA%B7%80%EC%97%AC%EC%9B%8C%E3%85%9C%E3%85%9C_%EC%82%AC%EB%B3%B8 P1020169 02 (5) 01 (6) bfb79cc1gw1eb48k79yisj215o0rswlm intro4 13120101 %EB%8C%80%EA%B5%AC%ED%8C%AC%EC%8B%B8%EC%B0%AC%EC%97%B4%EC%9D%B4 131201%EC%B0%AC%EC%97%B41 1 (5) 131201_3 131201_2 131201_1 131201_4 1G6A0246 a18b21fdgw1eb4lmzkjhyj215o0rstfm 12 (5) %EC%84%B8%ED%9B%88

I was like “Do only people buying NR products get their signatures? NR must be filthy rich by now. So radiant. 12 angels. No wonder 20000 people have come. It must be hard to see them. Still i wanna be there, even in the crowd is ok….” and so on. Once again, i was in an unstable state of mind. (and i’m sorry but as a Chan bias, i only have Chan photos. if you want any EXO’s members’ photos, plz comment and i’ll try to find as much as possible)

Last but not least, the most destructive and deadly one… *drum roll please*

Murder case #3: Miracles In December teasers

1463175_423561931105207_628333380_n 996034_423557344438999_34419876_n 1472963_423558311105569_1360962831_n 1460202_423559117772155_242571809_n 1469753_423560184438715_1266485048_n 1475903_423562421105158_948085560_n 1483356_423564024438331_1822373623_n 1471119_423565231104877_846914371_n 1488198_423565784438155_187878401_n 1474385_423566981104702_978744836_n 1461124_423569431104457_1413445556_n 1486655_423608067767260_405540724_n 1454713_423641287763938_1687997756_n 532112_423633884431345_2127561966_n

This time i didn’t think of anything since i totally lost my mind. The moment i watched it, my blood stopped flowing, my breathing stopped, my heart stopped beating, my brain stopped functioning, the time stopped, the earth stopped moving, the whole world stopped, the only things that were in motion were the snow and the tears (from Tao and myself).

Later on,(about 2 hours after watching the teasers), when i regained my consciousness, i saw the translation of the lyrics and it said “I keep on searching for someone that i’ll never be able to meet” and i was like “Now you can understand my as well as all of the international fans’ feeling”.

Anyways, these are just teasers and yet i’m so messed up like this. i dont know if i can pull myself together when the full song comes out T^T.

What do you guys think about the teaser, the February comeback and the world tour thing? The first thing coming to my mind was GIVE MY WALLET AND EXO A BREAK PLZ. i have no Prada wallet to sell, no damn credit card to wipe and most importantly i’m just a penniless student living in a country which has a currency that is 19 times less than Korean. I want to study well for once, why do EXO’s comebacks always have to be the exact same time as my finals??? (I feel so desperate, seems like i’m talking to myself here OTL so plz comment)


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