Ladies and Gentlemen Introducing……

Meeee Veronica!!!!  ^.^ . Im just kidding (V.V.I.P. is one of my favorite songs though)

Hello everyone my name is Veronica, Im 96liner from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.  To start things off I would like to say thank you to my fellow Zombies, because without you guys I wouldn’t have been able to meet such amazing people and learn about different cultures. Thank you all for letting me join and I love you all.

(Back to my introduction XD)

I started my interests love for Asian culture at a very young age, probably around 6-7 years old so I have been surrounded by Asian culture for almost my whole life. ^^ It started off with me and my older brother watching anime, such as Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh (I still love that show XD) and I still watch anime to this very day. So yeah I started off with Japanese culture. Now before Kpop came along I was listening to Jpop, I discovered that from the very famous Miku Hatsune, so I was listening to her and Perfume mostly but then I found out about SNSD. From then on my Kpop artists list expanded way more than my Jpop (I still listen to Jpop) and I became the person I am today. LOL

Yeah so that was a little back story on how I found out about Kpop. I feel that Kpop has changed me a lot. It helped me learn more about different Asian cultures but along that I learned about other cultures by talking to people around the world.  One of the things I really treasure that Kpop has helped me with is my best twitter friend Fiona, My Unnie that I love soo much Kiara (@_multifandumb) and my fellow Zombies.  I love you all so much and I’m happy that we met each other 🙂

I’m a multifandom but my ultimate biased groups are SuJu, SHINee , MBLAQ and EXO. My EXO biases is Xiumin and Tao soooo I will spam them a lot

Multifandom= Multibiases lol yah so here are some of my biases

Le Ultimate Biases 

Cheondung  74524-super-junior-siwon-mr-simpleddc28ce2daa8ba99535b157032274b32originalyeah I only have 4 but Kiseop is making his way up here ><

Here the fun part  Le Biases

tumblr_mu7whaMUH51raeg9io1_500 tumblr_mny2h8XVYb1raepogo1_500 tumblr_lbj3ccg6FW1qa6mv1o1_400130807 kiseop tumblr_m154ckcwsB1r9vnnvo1_1280  tumblr_lyy1rsEJFV1qaq4iy tumblr_mtv4ivA4311rt5s0uo1_500 donghae-ceci-13 1375083_706521889362843_1331631313_n KyuHyun-Super-Junior-2013-Wallpaper- L-Joe-ljoe-32307474-500-350 130220_shinee_dreamgirl_showcase_Key tumblr_ms7ss0hHXI1snefqvo1_500 Onew2C_Key_e_Minho__-___Why_So_Serious___Fansigning__3_-_Cheongryang-ri_2A_05_05_281429 tumblr_mrt97ykUyi1r8fs1io1_500 1313425820-7f9ac29efd0f0d7531a9fe001518812d scale 1 EXO-Member-Profile-D.O-1 -G-O-go-mblaq-19766796-500-667 leeteuk-smile-super-junior-33066336-600-800  tumblr_ma0rzryQ0V1qa7tfso1_500 tumblr_moz4th8iu21sn5ds4o1_500 yesung-super-junior-20830384-800-960 tumblr_kzdjowqvkn1qzw8ito1_500sunggyu-infinitetumblr_m941ecmGPt1rtrmkdo1_5008417ab47dbb71936340a13e9ccd2a6c1tumblr_m33en0MXuw1r90oxbtumblr_m72nv4uWFk1qj3jlvo1_500 Mir-mblaq-18455266-1280-927  20121207_eyecandy_po-600x543

Thats not even all of them ^^.  Thanks for listening to my short story and its nice to meet you ^^