after seeing these, you can’t get any more PURE-MINDED

PS: The emergency number in VN is 115, in USA is 911, in Korea is 119, in China is 120, INA is 119

tumblr_muwbtayaJu1rldjayo1_250   tumblr_muwbtayaJu1rldjayo3_250tumblr_muwbtayaJu1rldjayo2_400tumblr_muvo02NzUV1skbmafo1_400tumblr_mthlikiRSC1rku2fxo2_r1_250 tumblr_muwa8dJC7d1sukg6no1_400 tumblr_muwbtayaJu1rldjayo4_500BWz_5cNIEAAy2Ye

They are just… uhm… doing whatever you think they are doing.


I just… I don’t… I can’t…. *ambulance siren getting closer*

finally blow http://kariluvme.tumblr.com/post/64444693413/in-which-everyone-does-as-sekai-does

OTL i’m sorry for being such a BW2kK-UCQAAJr9f


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