Special Notes

We are called Zombies because we’ll die then resurrect endlessly.

And these are our medicines:


BVvy0H8CQAAfLi8.jpg large

Gramps aka $uho aka The Elder aka Junmoney aka $umama


And both of them together SuChen



Sexy Xiumin- or as some call him the certified stripper! šŸ˜€


Chanyeol- Always the lost puppy in an airport!

And many more…


tumblr_mlhphc9ujs1s4hs7xo6_500 tumblr_mlhphc9ujs1s4hs7xo2_400 tumblr_mlhphc9ujs1s4hs7xo5_500 tumblr_mlhphc9ujs1s4hs7xo4_500 tumblr_mlhphc9ujs1s4hs7xo3_500 tumblr_mlhphc9ujs1s4hs7xo1_500 tumblr_mlhphc9ujs1s4hs7xo9_250 tumblr_mlhphc9ujs1s4hs7xo7_500 tumblr_mlhphc9ujs1s4hs7xo8_500

So if you are dead, just look at this and you’ll resurrect šŸ˜€

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