Happy Flaming 22nd birthday to our Chanyeolie

Dear ChanYeol,

You may not know me but knowing you are one of the biggest turning point of my life. There’s so much i want to say to you, which may never be able to be heard by you, but still i think i should let them out.
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Late Introduction

IMG_9348_filtered *peek a boo*

*jump out* tumblr_mqyyn4fy2x1raxvqro2_250Hi there, I’m Mona from Vietnam. My real name is My Duyen but since it’s hard to pronounce *even to me* i usually use Mona-my sort of Baha’i name- when talking to foreigners. I’m a 95 liner who is now enjoying TOO much freedom after passing the university entrance exam *le cry*. So please bear with my craziness caused by boredom T~T.

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